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Pemberton Music Festival eyeing 2011 return?

on December 04, 2009, 2:30pm

Following an inaugural edition which brought the likes of Jay-Z, Coldplay, and Tom Petty to Pemberton, British Columbia, the Pemberton Music Festival was put on hold in 2009 following a dispute over environmental concerns and sustainability of festival grounds. Organizers had hoped to return in 2010, however, it now appears that 2011 is a more likely scenario. That is if the three-day event does in fact resurrect at all.

According to the Whistler Question, local officials are continuing their discussions to facilitate a return of Pemberton, seeking to address outstanding items and questions that have apparently been raised by the festival’s producers, Live Nation. In addition to the question of preserving the agricultural capability of the lands, the two sides have been dealing with issues surrounding liquor sales, policing costs, conditions from CN Rail, and some local businesses wanting buyouts over the course of events.

As the Question goes on to note, Paul Edgington, the Squamish-Lillooet Regional District’s Chief Administrative Officer, told lawmakers that because many of these aforementioned issues are still not resolved, a 2011 festival might be more likely than a 2010 event.

“I think things are still being planned to come back; it’s just a question, ‘Is it 2010 or 2011?'”

That idea comes “based on conversations I’ve had with [Live Nation’s president of talent for international music] Shane Bourbonnais, saying they would rather do it right than do it quickly, and they’d like to have all of the things that stand between them and profitability addressed in sufficient lead times that allow them to properly source and secure things like security and a host of other contracted services that they rely on,” Edgington said.

Emails from Consequence of Sound to Pemberton inquiring about the likelihood of the festival’s return in 2010 have not been returned. As always, we’ll keep you updated as more becomes known.

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