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Two more Lil Wayne rock songs surface…

on December 08, 2009, 4:00pm

I think it’s safe to say that CoS is pretty a big fan of the majority of stuff Lil Wayne shells out. For example, we really enjoyed Tha Carter III as well as his recently released mixtape, No Ceilings. But when it comes to Weezy’s new found rock ‘n’ roll career, well, we really can’t help but roll our eyes and laugh.

As the release of Rebirth finally appears to near (December 21st will be the day of all days!), two more songs from the rock effort have surfaced (via Idolator). Titled “On Fire” and “Da Da Da”, the selections echo the incredibly overproduced, auto tune-assisted, previously released single “Prom Queen”. If you can stomach the disco inferno that is “On Fire” and inane da da da’s of “Da Da Da”, then by all means…

But we warned you.

“On Fire”

“Da Da Da”

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