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Update: Thom Yorke says “that is not good enough America.”

on December 18, 2009, 12:42pm

As we told you yesterday, Thom Yorke is not (currently) recording a new Radiohead album but instead in Copenhagen, Denmark for the United Nations Climate Change Conference. Since giving a few interviews, the unexpected party crasher has split his time between covering the event for his band’s blog and continuing to play vocal critic on the polices being discussed.

Basically, Mr. Yorke isn’t all too happy about how things are going, specifically as it relates to the reduction of carbon emissions:

yesterday there is a lot of brinksmanship, the americans offering money seemed. but no-one was talking 40 percent cuts by 2020. and the negotiations had an obvious G8 vibe about them. the west dictating terms and bizarrely assuming that the science could be bartered.. !!! arguing about who cuts what??? that somehow the amount we have to cut our emissions is negotiable?? what a crock of shit.

or good ol’ America’s role in the whole thing…

what is frustrating so far is americas attitude. hilary clintons speech was apparently still trying to shift responsibilty for emissions around… which is just frankly nuts. obama said nothing though i have not seen all the speech yet. i feel very sad for all americans i know who hold so much hope for this man. still.. i guess the day isnt over. its 3pm on friday ( though it should have finished by now). and our leaders are fully aware they are in disgrace. and fully aware that they cannot draw up an agreement and force it upon us all without us immediatley seeing the holes in it.

thomlive Update: Thom Yorke says that is not good enough America.

Which leads us to Yorke’s most recent blog entry:

just when things feel like they are falling apart rumours that europe will commit to bigger cuts? hysteria and confusion is in the air. there has been a request for leaders to stay an extra night? what ‘on earth’ is going on? i pray something. i pray that something comes of this process. that all these people for all these years, all these flights to copenhagen all this hot air has some meaning. and in the midst of it all i take to bbc radio 1 and am asked ‘yeah but is climate change really real’ etc etc. oh for gods sake.
what am i doing here??

For those who missed yesterday’s report, Yorke doesn’t appear to be too fond of the BBC these days. “Ignore the BBC, they are a bunch of fucking monkeys, bringing on deniers in the name of balance,” he said during his interview with “The Stupid Show.” I guess Radiohead won’t be giving them any live webcasts anytime soon…

So, moral of the story? Thom isn’t just about fake plastic trees. [Queue rim shot]

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