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Billy Corgan, Jessica Simpson… recording together?

on January 14, 2010, 11:00am

Before every Pumpkin-head starts smashing things, let’s summarize what Billy Corgan’s been up to for the past few months. For one, he’s working on a new album. It’s titled Teargarden by Kaleidyscope. That album, however, might take a year or two to surface, simply because it’s going to be released song-by-song, online, and for no charge, whatsoever. He’s already unveiled one tune and there’s a likely chance the next one should be coming down the pipeline any week now. So, what the hell does all of 31782912 31782917 slarge Billy Corgan, Jessica Simpson... recording together?this have to do with Jessica Simpson?

In a report by Rolling Stone, there’s been much discussion revolving around a photo snapped by photographer Kristin Burns, which features the iconic frontman alongside the pop superstar, presumably in a recording studio. Daniel Kreps of RS said it best: “When our eyes locked on to that image above, our first thought was “Is this Billy Corgan making progress on the new Smashing Pumpkins album?” Upon further review, however, we’re instead wondering “Is this Billy Corgan making progress on the new Jessica Simpson album?”

The magazine did its research, however, and according to Burns’ Twitter, the two of them are working on a song together. Now, what makes things even more interesting (and disconcerting to the Pumpkins’ fanbase, though what isn’t these days) is that Kaleidyscope producer Kerry Brown’s also in the photo. Does this mean Simpson’s to appear on an upcoming song?

Well, if that’s the case… at least it’s free.

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