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Break Yo’ TV: Aaron Carter – “Oh Aaron”

on January 14, 2010, 4:45pm

Aaron Carter, how could we forget about him? As if his rapping wasn’t great to begin with, his music videos were the cherry on top of his career. What little girl didn’t fancy this pop star back in the 90’s? Of course, what music video is more appropriate for Break Yo’ TV than Aaron’s own “Oh Aaron”. Since we all know the lyrics are excellent quality and really “speak” to the listener, just image the music video.

To start, Aaron rides out on his trick bicycle with his friends. What do you know—as he keeps riding more friends pop out of nowhere and join him. First thing to steal a first graders heart: the popularity contest. Not only is Aaron super popular but when he tells his friends about his brother, Nick Carter (from the Backstreet Boys!), all of his friends have to meet him! Aaron probably wouldn’t have had a problem, but when the “cutest girl” says, “I have to see the show, but I have no ticket Aaron, how can I go,” he promises all of his friends tickets to the Backstreet Boys show.

The chorus is golden. Five girls with belly shirts dance and sing:

2 81194f57 Break Yo’ TV: Aaron Carter – Oh Aaron“Aaron, oh Aaron,

What are you going to do?

You makin’ da promises oh so big

How gonna to make’em come true?

Aaron, oh Aaron,

What are we going to do wit’ you?

Always a makin’ da bigga mistakes,

Always a makin’ da fool.”

Oh, wait. Now Aaron rings up Nick! Nothing like a famous big brother to stretch Aaron’s popularity! Too bad Nick can’t promise the 3,003 tickets to the show for all of Aaron’s friends who are, at this point, all dancing around an old lady’s car. Instead, he has to make a sacrifice and opens for the Backstreet Boys. Aarons saves the day by rapping as the opening act for the Backstreet Boys!

It’s funny how as a little girl I never realized that Aaron’s success was primarily based on the fact that his older brother is famous. Nearly all of Aaron’s songs are about him being conceited and how he’s so popular because his brother is in the Backstreet Boys. Yeah, he could rap at the attention span of little girls 12 and younger, but he wouldn’t have made it there without Nick. Sometimes I wonder about the rationality behind some music’s popularity.

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