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More details for upcoming Of Montreal album

on January 06, 2010, 5:20pm

If you remember, we recently selected Of Montreal‘s forthcoming followup to 2008’s Skeletal Lamping as one of the “Other Albums You’ll Probably Want to Buy” in 2010. You see, we figured it would be worth buying, but due to a lack of details, we couldn’t really justify why. We can now, courtesy of Kevin Barnes’ recent interview with Stereogum.

In the interview, Barnes, the mastermind behind of Montreal, revealed the band’s newest album may, or may not be completed. The status of the album, entitled False Priest or The Controller Sphere, rests on the success of upcoming sessions with engineer, and recent collaborator, Jon Brion. The fragmantism and inward lyricism of Barnes’ prior work is viewed as creative genius to of Montreal fans, but detractors view some the work as choppy and schizophrenic. To reign in these fragments, he has enlisted Brion’s help in mixing and mastering his rough mixes of 16 songs that will likely make the new album.

“If I wasn’t going to go out there with Jon then they’d basically be done. They could be done,” explained Barnes. “If I go out there with Jon and we both decide it’s not working or whatever, I’ll still have an album. And if I go out there and figure this is really great, then I’ll have a different album.”

To make this statement a little less confusing, or possibly confuse us a bit more, Barnes also dropped some hints about the continued transformation of the Of Montreal style. While the band’s style is as hard to describe as catching a bubble with a mace, the outfit is guaranteed to put on an outrageously energetic live show. Barnes promises to create an album that accommodates a re-imagined live show, think Kevin Barnes with a 10-piece backup band instead of limited musicians accompanied by back-up tracks.

Why the change? Barnes admits that he has become inspired by the theatrics and danceabilty of 70’s funk and R&B like Parliament, with aspects of Prince and George Clinton. Mix these influences with self-proclaimed drunken studio sessions, plus contributions from Solange Knowles and Janelle Monea, and we can start to envision just how bizarre of Montreal’s newest release may be. Barnes proclaims, ”Some of the stuff is wild and bizarre and terrible. And some of it is wild and bizarre and kind of good.”

Currently, the album is set for a release date sometime is August or September. And for all those anxiously awaiting a Barnes, Beyonce collaboration, according to Barnes to two have yet to communicate. That’s ok, because they did provide a one-minute, totally NSFW taste of what’s to come.

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