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Stone Temple Pilots chat up reunion LP…

on January 21, 2010, 12:15pm

Last time we heard from the Stone Temple Pilots , they were wrapping up a tour and prepping to hit the studio . That was November. Now, two months later, the band returns with that long-awaited, brand new LP — their first since 2001’s Shangri-La Dee Da .

In a recent interview with Spin , Robert and Dean DeLeo divulged some info on the reunion record, insisting that things have wrapped up with only mixing left in the bag. However, Dean forewarned, “If [fans] are expecting another “Plush”, they are going to be let down.”

Working off his brother’s thoughts, Robert added, “Fans are going get a great STP record. We know what STP sounds like–we have a sonic blueprint. It’s always worked for me to put myself in the ears of the listener.” He then went on to provide some examples: “There’s a song called “Between the Lines”, which musically is like Paul Revere and the Raiders, with that ’60s sound that I’ve always been a fan of. It’s a ’60s rockin’ basher!”

Given that each member owns a personal recording studio, the new LP was completely recorded and produced by the band themselves. In fact, the four worked things out a little differently than previously:

“We recorded at Eric’s studio,” Robert continued. “Then would send songs to Scott [Weiland] and he’d record vocals at his studio. The band wasn’t in the same room as much as we could have been, but I think we’ve been making records long enough to know what to expect from each other. Plus, it added an extra bit of excitement to see what that person was going to record.” Well, that process should help keep this reunion alive.

Following the release, the band expects to tour into 2011. Until then, we’ll keep you posted.

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