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Swans announce return, plan new album & tour

on January 11, 2010, 12:49am

Eight months ago, Swans founding member Michael Gira hinted at the possibility of a new album from the much influential U.S. post punk outfit. After months of hope, rumors, and speculation, Gira has finally confirmed his intention, revealing that the band has indeed reformed and is currently gearing up for the followup to 1996’s Soundtracks for the Blind. But first, they need a little help from their friends.

In a blog on Gira’s MySpace entitled “COMING SOON, NEW SWANS ALBUM AND TOUR(S),” the Swans creative genius confirmed all the aforementioned. While no specifics were given, Gira did unveil the band’s new lineup, which includes previous Swans members Norman Westber (guitar), Christophj Hahn (guitar), and Phil Puleo (percussion) as well as Flux Information Sciences’ Chris Pravdica (bass) and Shearwater’s Thor Harris (percussion).

Gira also noted the cosst associated with such a venture and, as a result, has decided to take a rather creative approach. Ahead of a new album and tour dates, the band will release a CD of acoustic demos of new material and live Michael Gira DVD in a limited edition run of 1000 hand-made copies “in order to raise money for the swans recordings/offset the huge costs involved”. A release date for the package, which is titled I Am Not Insane, has not yet but set, but is expected to be “very soon.”

And just to further add to your anticipation, Gira has shared one such demo on his MySpace. You can stream a track titled “Jim” by clicking here. (On a side note, now would probably be a good time to change the URL of said MySpace.)