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Third Man Records release more Jack White-produced singles, Dead Weather demos

on January 06, 2010, 11:23pm

Mr. Impromptu, aka Jack White, has wasted no time kicking of 2010 with a bang. And, not surprisingly, it’s Mr. White’s multiple different talents that are the basis for this news.

As the always diligent TwentyFourBit points out, White’s personal imprint, Third Man Records, has announced the January 26th release of new 7″ singles from the “Queen of Rockabilly”, Ms. Wanda Jackson, and a new all-female rock outfit outfit called The Black Belles.

As previously reported, White handled the production for Jackson’s latest release, which is made up of two rather unique covers — Amy Winehouse’s “You Know I’m No Good” and Johnny Kidd and the Pirates classic rocker “Shakin’ All Over”. The Black Belles, on the other hand, were discovered by White and brought to Third Man Studios for their first ever recordings. Both releases will be available in digital and vinyl formats.

Now on to the particularly awesome part of this story: According to MotorCityBlog, the next installment of The Vault‘s quarterly opening will sport two new recordings from The Dead Weather’s studio session last month. They’re making a new album don’t you know. “No Horse (Take One)” and “Jawbreaker (Take One)” will be released exclusively to members of the label’s subscription service. And just for kicks, Third Man Records Singles Collection 2009, a double LP featuring every Third Man single recorded in 2009, as well as the two latest releases by Wanda Jackson and The Black Belles, will be packaged with the Two Dead Weather selections. Ah, membership has its benefits.

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