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Travis frontman readies solo record, taps McCartney, Case to help out

on January 04, 2010, 4:00pm

Fran Healy is best known as the frontman for the Scottish rock band Travis. But when you do things like he just did for his forthcoming debut solo debut, Fran Healy may soon be best known as Fran Healy, the solo musician.

After all, as Healy revealed on his official website (via TFB), he recently “bought a nice old 10 channel recording desk and some beautiful microphones and began making new demos…. I asked the producer, Emery Dobyns, to come out to Berlin and we finished them together, adding overdubs and embellishing.”

And, as he went on to explain, he ended up collaborating with some other rather high-profile musicians. Neko Case, Noah and the Whale’s Tom Hobden, Sia’s Sam Dixon, Tony Shanahan, and the one and only Paul McCartney lent their talents to Healy.

One of the biggest coups was getting Paul McCartney to play bass on a song. I’m not sure what non McCartney songs he’s played bass on but I couldn’t think of many. Anyways his bassline is brilliant. Nora and I were sitting and were thinking of a thankyou present and I suggested going vegetarian. Our son is already one so it would mean we would all on the same boat. I met Paul at his show in Berlin and told him what we wanted to do. He was visibly flabbergasted. Three days later the Fed Ex man delivered three Linda McCartney cook books.

The things one will do for Macca…

The effort, which is titled Wreckorder, is not yet completed, but Healy has shared a demo. It’s called “Holiday” and you can check it out below.

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