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Check Out: The Thermals shout for “Canada”

on February 10, 2010, 10:25am

When Hutch Harris screams, we’re apt to listen. The guy, albeit timid in appearance, is both ballsy and obtrusive in all the right ways. For one, he’s vocal. What’s more, he’s vocal about all the right things: death, love, and the injustices and fabrications of religion. But even when he’s discussing other things, it’s still both interesting and worth all of your time. That’s why a song about “Canada” could only be sung by Harris (and well, maybe these guys, too).

Believe it or not, but The Thermals have a new song for us to enjoy. While their follow up to last year’s Now We Can See is still a good six or seven months away, the Portland trio managed to write, record, and issue a new punk rock anthem, all in the name of Canada! It’s sort of a “cute” story how this all came about, as their press release writes:

Sitting in the van in Buffalo, Thermals guitarist and singer Hutch Harris picked up a guitar and strummed a few chords, and sang a few lines about going to CANADA. Kathy Foster walked up and sang “Whoa Whoa-Oh Whoa!” as if on cue. Drummer Westin Glass set a fat beat to it at soundcheck et voila, “Canada”.

The song itself isn’t so kitschy, it’s rather raucous and blistering in true Thermals fashion. It’s repetitive, sure, but that’s what makes it so inviting. And if you like it, you can buy it now (via iTunes)!