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Sublime continue to go on with new singer and an even newer name

on February 09, 2010, 1:47pm

Last we heard of the OC legend that is Sublime, they were engaged in legal warfare with the family of deceased frontman Bradley Nowell over the use of the band name. As the OC Weekly blog (via PunkNews.org) recently reported, it appears as if the two remaining original members, bassist Eric Wilson and drummer Bud Gaugh, will now continue on with new singer Rome Ramirez under a slightly modified moniker: Sublime With Rome.

If you remember, prior his death, Nowell had trademarked the Sublime name. Nowell’s family, including his father and  Nowell’s wife and son, were in favor of Wilson and Gaugh continuing to play in Nowell’s memory, just not under said name. With legal action avoided, it seems the Nowell family can stop worrying about Nowell’s wishes being honored, and the new band can use some of the notoriety and avoid any further legal smackdown. And speaking of using the name, the band has already scheduled some 150 dates. We’ll be sure to pass those along once they’re announced.

And if you’re just not sure how you feel about Sublime 2.0, take a gander at the band’s recent performance at the SmokeOut Festival 2009.