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The Dø’s April debut will be A Mouthful

on February 15, 2010, 9:05am

Last year, America sonically embraced France when just about every teenager and young adult (and even some middle aged folk) picked up Phoenix’s mainstream breakthrough, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. So, naturally it should come as no surprise that other French artists will try the same. The Dø (pronounced D’oh, and named after the first and last notes of the musical scale) has already made a name for themselves in their home nation of France — rather quickly, too.

For one, the duo — French vocalist/guitarist Olivia Merilahti & multi-instrumentalist Dan Levy — became the first French act to reach #1 in its native country with an album sung entirely in English. With that in mind, they’re hoping that success translates in America. (You know, where we actually speak English fluently?) So on April 6th, their debut album, A Mouthful, will pop up in American stores and online digitally via Six Degrees Records.

Keep in mind that they’ve shared the stage with the likes of Radiohead, Sigur Ros, and Vampire Weekend. Can we say we’re ready for a French dip?

mouthful The Døs April debut will be A Mouthful

A Mouthful Tracklist:
01. Playground Hustle
02. At Last!
03. On My Shoulders
04. Song for Lovers
05. Bridge Is Broken
06. Stay (Just a Little Bit More)
07. Unissasi Laulelet
08. Tammie
09. Queen Dot Kong
10. Coda
11. Searching Gold
12. When Was I Last Home?
13. Travel Light
14. Aha
15. In My Box
16. On My Shoulders (Chamber version)*
17. Unissasi Laulelet (Chamber version)*
18. Playground Hustle And Bustle*

* = U.S. Bonus Tracks

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