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Update, Redux: Chicago gets a fake MF DOOM show too

on February 16, 2010, 11:00am

Having apparently learned nothing from the November fiasco in Los Angeles (or perhaps he just doesn’t care), MF DOOM made the city of Chicago his latest victim this past weekend. Per Time Out Chicago, several sources are reporting that the controversial U.S. rapper sent an impostor to his scheduled performance with rapper Mos Def at the Congress Theatre on Saturday, prompting chants of “fuck Doom” to ring aloud throughout the venue. (Note the evidence below.)

According to Kyra Kyles of Chicago Now, representatives of Congress Theatre confirmed that the real Doom was not the individual who performed. However, a separate statement from the rapper’s production company, Cold Grums Production, Inc, would not confirm the report, but did note an investigation regarding the incident has since been launched.

“At the current time, React, Cold Grums, Silver Wrapper and the Congress Theater DO NOT have any proof that the person who performed was not Daniel Dumile, a.k.a. Doom.  The show was legally contracted and paid for in full. The show was officially listed on Doom’s website…

Because the show was legally contracted and paid for in full, any breach of contract could result in serious legal action… Until the investigation reaches conclusion, and proof is in hand, the promoters will not issue any refunds. At the current time, it is a rumor. This issue is being treated with the utmost respect and consideration.”

Several CoS readers who attended the concert in question have since taken to our previous news story about a fake MF Doom concert to voice their opinions. And the sentiment appears to be unison.

“‘Doom’ never once said anything except the straight lyrics, never once addressed the crowd, nothing. Clearly it was a recorded track laying down rhymes,” a reader named Robobenito reports. “Once ‘Doom’ gave a few tracks, maybe seven, he just up and left, the lights popped on, and a few thousand Chicagoans felt like they just got screwed out of $30 bucks each.”

Metin adds: “I was also at the Congress Theater show in Chicago and it beyond disappointing. It was straight up disgusting! I stood in one spot for 5 hours to see Zoom… oh I mean Doom. What did I get in return???? A wack 10 minute performance from Doom/imposter?”

We’ll of course update you if and when we actually find out what happens. But based on recent history, one could assume Doom has no plans to respond to the incident.