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Another early Metallica demo track surfaces

on March 08, 2010, 10:35am

Just last week we told you about the earliest known Metallica recording, a 1982 garage demo of “Hit The Lights” that was unearthed and clicked to death on YouTube. Well now there’s one more track to surface from from the young demo tape, a cover of Diamond Head’s “Sucking My Life”.

It was recorded in March, 1982, just two months after the original Metallica lineup formed. Band members include Lars on drums and James on vocals alone. Dave Mustaine at just 19 years old was thrashing the guitar, and Ron McGovney on bass hosted the recording in his garage. How’d they do it? They suspended a $49.00 ghetto blaster in the air having James sing through the guitar amp, which “is surprisingly a great recording for using such primitive means,” according to the official Metallica historian (does he teach a class?) Bob Nalbandian.

“This was definitely the rarest, and earliest, material to ever surface,” Nalbandian said. “No one knew this recording even existed, since original bassist Ron McGovney had the only copy of this garage practice session (this tape was too crude even be labeled a demo!)”. So if we trust our peers and believe this tape label to be the real deal, which we do, then we should be in store for some more early Metallica recordings soon! Enjoy.

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