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Girls releasing new material this spring

on March 17, 2010, 2:39pm

The much-hyped San Francisco indie rock band Girls won’t be releasing the follow-up to their debut album Album until at least next year, but you can expect a new EP before summer (via Twenty Four Bit).

Frontman Christopher Owens sat down with Drowned in Sound early this week and revealed the news. The new EP will contain six tracks, including one of the first songs Owens ever wrote.

“We played it at our first couple of shows, and then stopped playing it live,” Owens said of the track. “It’s called ‘Carolina’ – there’s a version of it on the internet – and it hasn’t really been done justice yet….It’s written about this girl who was ‘Miss Teen South Carolina’…[who] said something really silly about wanting to teach people in Iraq how to read, and I thought to myself ‘Did she really just say that?'” So did we all, by the way.

Girls aren’t just recycling old songs for the EP, however. Owens has apparently written 70 new ones (“I started writing songs three years ago and that’s been my life ever since”) and is using six for this release. And true to form, the guy whose band released a very adult video for its single “Lust for Life” has some choice ideas for the new EP.

“I want to call the a-side ‘Fucking A’ and the b-side ‘Fucking B’, and I want it to be the best EP of all time!” Okay, male nudity and the “F” word aren’t really the same thing, but still.

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