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Jonny Greenwood gets sent to the “Doghouse” for latest composition

on March 07, 2010, 11:00am

Seems like nowadays, a lot of musicians are getting in the film scoring or soundtrack filling business. But if you’re Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood, your compositions are already tailor-made for movies.

Last month, Greenwood, who is also the composer-in-residence with the BBC Concert Orchestra, debuted his newest creation, “Doghouse”, at the BBC’s Maida Vale Studios. In an 20-minute interview after the performance, attendee Adam Bowie noted that as Greenwood’s “Popcorn Superhet Receiver” was the genesis for the score to There Will Be Blood, “Doghouse” will also be the basis for the soundtrack to the adaption of the Haruki Murakami novel Norwegian Wood. The novel focuses on the character Toru Watanabe as he reminisces over two relationships with two women. Despite the intimate nature, Greenwood says the initial score came about in places all over the world, often during late nights in less than romantic settings.

“I wrote this piece mostly in hotels and dressing rooms while touring with Radiohead,” Greenwood said regarding the composition. “This was more practical than glamorous – lots of time sitting around indoors, lots of instruments about – and aside from picking up a few geographical working titles, I can’t think that it had any effect where, on tour, it was written.”

If you’ve gotten yourself all worked up, you can hear the debuit of “Doghouse” and a preview Greenwood’s next film on March 19th when BBC Radio 3 plays both at 2 p.m. GMT.

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