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No “No Fun Fest New York” in 2010

on March 26, 2010, 11:05am

New York really has the worst luck when it comes to festivals. First, All Points West is most likely canceled. Now, No Fun Fest is going on hiatus for the 2010 festival season. Fortunately, this looks like a personal decision on the part of No Fun Productions Director Carlos Giffoni and does not spell the permanent end of the event.

Based in Brooklyn, the festival’s been a huge success for the past six years. Most recently, No Fun rounded up a 2009 lineup that included the likes of Sonic Youth, Bardo Pond, and Cold Cave.

“I feel is the right time for me to work and concentrate on other projects for a bit, my own music under my name and the new no fun acid project [his personal music project] as well as collaborations with others,” explained Giffoni in a statement posted on the festival’s website.

He continued: “The fest has been successful and grown beyond my wildest dreams. But it also its at the point where the level of success it has reached has been putting a heavy demand on myself and put me at a crossroads point where I have to either grow it further as a ‘business’ or take a step back and refocus it. I have chosen the later.”

Giffoni did note, however, that this is NOT the end of the festival or any other No Fun events, saying, “I am looking forward to the continuing ripples in space and time, the reality brought forward by our mutual efforts. We are already working on many small events and surprises in New York and around THE WORLD.”

In terms of what’s still around this year for No Fun Productions, Giffoni listed No Fun Fest in Montreal in June, which will feature Hair Police, No Fun Acid, Religious Knives, and more.

Hang in there New Yorkers! There’s always next year!

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