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Phish 3D film due out in April

on March 05, 2010, 9:56pm

Between a massive reunion tour and a new studio album to an appearance at Bonnaroo and the hosting of its very own music festival, Phish seemingly did it all in 2009. Well, that is everything except star in its very own feature film. However, that will all change later this year when the legendary jam band follows in the footstep of U2 and Dave Matthews Band and releases its very own 3D film.

According to a source with knowledge of the project, the film, which consists of footage from the band’s Phish Festival 8 last October, will hit theaters this April. This weekend, the band officially began to tease the project with a 15-second trailer proceeding all some Alice in Wonderland 3D screenings. A more extensive trailer is expected to be released next month. An official website, Twitter, and Facebook page have also been launched.

While exacts specifics regarding the film’s content remain unclear, a Hidden Track post last October, written following a firsthand preview of video footage, offers some insight on what to expect:

Very cool technology, he [a VP at AEG] said they’re shooting all eight sets in 3D and are hoping to have some sort of theatrical release in April or May of 2010. Same video crew for future 3D work and the images on the screens at the show. But yeah, the couple tunes we watched was very well done especially the shots taken from the side of the stage when there’s objects like saxophones on stands in the foreground…

Visually, the lights on the palm trees are something else, very nicely done. The video screens are very large, very bright, and very clear. If you are situated anywhere in front of the SBD it feels like you’re already watching Phish “at the movies” as most people’s eyes are set on the screens and not the stage as a whole like you normally see.

More details as they are announced. Fans hoping to see the film’s teaser without throwing down cash for Alice in Wonderland can expect to see it on the film’s aforementioned website next week.

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