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Update: James Brown’s body doing OK

on March 16, 2010, 2:00pm

A few days ago we reported James Brown‘s illegitimate daughter LaRhonda Pettit was up in arms over the apparent theft of the Godfather’s body, on which she had planned to arrange for an autopsy.

There was something a little off about her claims, and not just because it was about a legendary soul singer’s body being casket-jacked from her sister’s South Carolina house. And according to Atlanta funeral director C.A. Reid (Brown died in an Atlanta hospital), Pettit’s claim was outright false — Brown’s body has not been moved, let alone stolen (via NME).

“There’s no truth to that,” said Reid, speaking with The Augusta Chronicle. “It would have had to have gone through us. We would have been contacted if that happened.”

In addition to crying foul over her father’s body going missing last week, Pettit considered the official reported cause of death (congestive heart failure due to complications from pneumonia) suspicious, and wanted the autopsy so she could determine whether foul play was at hand in Brown’s 2006 death.

According to The Augusta Chronicle, neither Pettit nor anyone else in the Brown family has contacted the authorities over the alleged theft. A spokeswoman for Deanna Brown Thomas, whose home contains Brown’s body, said the family will issue a statement. So prepare yourself for a third act (hopefully not more).

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