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Watch: Morrissey’s “Ganglord”

on March 15, 2010, 2:45pm

Late last year, Morrissey “released” a collection of B-sides, titled Swords, and even he calls the project a “meek disaster.” But it’s Moz, the righteous lyricist of Great Britain, and there’s always something to love with every project he’s involved in. One song off the compilation, “Ganglord”, isn’t a gem, but it’s a nice modern spin on The Smiths fare. Its sludgy bass line, hallway piano scales, and Bonham-esque drum beat work well behind the singer’s falsetto. So it makes sense that they’d create a video for it, even if the guy hates the damn thing.

Directed by Dennis Roberts, “Ganglord” brings Morrissey to Los Angeles’ beloved Evergreen Cemetery, where he strolls about on what looks like a boiling California day. Shots of various teenagers, brooding and walking with their heads down and halfway hidden in hoodies, steal Moz away from us. It’s pretty and wonderfully shot, in that college film sort of way, but it almost feels like this video was originally meant for something else. That would be fitting, considering the song’s a B-side to begin with, right? Oh well, it’s good to see the guy doing something.

And if there’s one thing to take from this video, it’s the hope that Moz one day dances on my grave.

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