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Watch: Pearl Jam returns to SNL

on March 14, 2010, 8:38pm

What was probably the only redeeming part of last night’s Saturday Night Live episode — save for Julian and Jerry Seinfeld’s cameo on Weekend UpdatePearl Jam returned to NBC for its umpteenth time. Promoting both its new album and forthcoming U.S. tour, the Seattle grunge veterans rolled out two soon-to-be live staples off of Backspacer: “Just Breathe” and “Unthought Known”.

While “Just Breathe” still sounds like a weaker re-imagining of its Into the Wild equivalent (“Tuolumne”), frontman Eddie Vedder honed in on the focused acoustics and rattled off a somber vocal pitch, which was a nice and slower change from the show’s recent guests (e.g. Them Crooked Vultures, Muse, etc). However, the sweeping mini-epic “Unthought Known” delivered the modern PJ we’ve all come to associate with over the years. This number brought out the best of the band, especially drummer Matt Cameron, who only seems too ready for the upcoming Soundgarden reunion.

“The Fixer” would have been a nice addition, but there’s little room to complain. Then again, considering the lackluster skits of the night, an 80-year-old clown with a megaphone would have been enough to floor us. Though, you’ve gotta love Pearl Jam’s cameo in the Twilight Zone parody…

…all of which can be viewed below.

Hat tip to The Audio Perv for video support.

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