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Watch: Ted Leo & the Pharmacists bring “The Mighty Sparrow” to Fallon

on March 09, 2010, 10:16am

Anyone who has ever seen Ted Leo & the Pharmacists live can tell you that no musician puts in more passion and effort into each and every song played than that of the band’s fearless frontman. Whether jumping, strumming, or spinning around of the ground, the dude is tiring to watch, even if all you’re doing is standing in the audience. He and his bandmates also happen to make fine quality music, as evident by their newly released studio album, The Brutalist Bricks (review come soon!)

Both these qualities were on display last night, when the band took to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to perform Brutalist‘s “The Mighty Sparrow”. Albeit a bit toned down in nature (no floor spinning), the performance proved both intense (Leo broke a sweat in like 30 seconds) and brilliant (Rockefeller Center has a good track record of late). See for yourself below, via The Audio Perv. Pick up the album beginning today on Matador Records.

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