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Watch: Weezer’s “Daddy” complex

on March 30, 2010, 9:14am

Does anyone remember Raditude? You know, the sixth Weezer LP the band released last fall? We thought so. While it felt like more or less an extended EP of one great song — “If You’re Wondering If I Want You To (I Want You To)”, arguably the best tune put out by the outfit since “Island in the Sun” — it did bring about some incredible press. Everything from Weezer-endorsed Snuggies, interviews by a dog, and a costume-themed concerts all confused and amused fans. Nobody expected the party to end in a horrific car crash, however.

But frontman Rivers Cuomo returns, and right before they trek off to hit up major festivals across the world, they’ve issued a supporting video for new single, “I’m Your Daddy”. The video offers nothing inordinately impressive (especially in stark contrast to the band’s iconic videography), just stock concert/on the road footage, but every band makes one of these at some point in their career. However, few sport footage of a dog spinning chaotically in circles though, which is exactly what Sydney the dog does here. Oh, how that pooch really deserved a better album to adorn. Maybe they’ll involve the pup in more videos.

One can only hope…

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