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Big Boi and Drake dole out new album details, release dates

on April 08, 2010, 10:25am

Hype is important in the release of an album. Not enough of it and no one cares. But too much and the giddy joy is gone, replaced with people just wanting the damned thing to arrive already. If any two artists are familiar with the latter situation, it’s hip-hop’s newest legend-in-the-making Drake and Outkast dynamo/ATLien Big Boi, who each have seen release dates come and go. But with this latest batch of news, we might be wiling to afford them at least some of that geek-ish anticipation.

The wonderfully titled Big Boi solo album, Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty, was originally supposed to be released back in 2008. Perhaps the change has to do with Big Boi leaving Jive for the fertile grounds of Def Jam? And while some tracks did hit the Internet in late 2008, including “Ringtone”, “Dubbz”, and “Royal Flush”, Big Boi told XXL (via The Daily Swarm) that the album will be bigger than all of that and will feature his Outkast brother Andre 3000, Jamie Foxx, Sleepy Brown, and others. The LP will be so big, in fact, that he’s already lining up singles.

“I got the singles figured out, it’s a couple of options. I have a song called ‘Tangerine’ that may be a single and a song called ‘Shutterbug’ that was produced by Scott Storch that may be the single so, it’s definitely on the way, it’s coming and I have webisodes and a whole bunch of fun things for the consumer to get an insight on what I’ve been doing and just about me; showing them all about me.”

And speaking of “Shutter Bug”, the song recently hit the Web and you can enjoy it below. In case you were wondering, Andre 3000 picked the single (yay for teamwork). As for a release date, nothing official yet, but Big Boi did say the effort is “Action-packed! It’s a funky, wild ride, and I’m ready to let it go!” Of course you are.

While you might not expect such delays with a seasoned vet like Big Boi, you figured there had to be a few kinks with the debut album of TV star turned hip-hop demigod Drake. The album’s had quite a few release dates, with the most recent being May 25th. Well, thanks to “finishing touches,” don’t expect the album to hit shelves until June 15th. But like Big Boi, Drake was smart enough to give something to the fans from the album. Enjoy below a performance of  “Fireworks” from a recent tour stop.

“Shutter Bug”


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