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Gang of Four offer up own blood with new album, literally!

on April 07, 2010, 3:15pm

In today’s tumultuous music industry, acts will do nearly anything to record, produce, and release their newest releases. Some artists create their own labels, others record their EPs in bathrooms with a 4-track recorder, and somehow ChatRoulette has morphed into a keen distribution tool. But somehow, outdoes all others in musical ‘strange but true’.

Pledgemusic supports intimate relationships between fans and artists. Part social network, part internet radio – the site allows for fans to explore artists and pledge money to aid in an active release process. In return, artists offer their fans exclusive incentives; ranging from the mundane, like the CD and a t-shirt, to the bizarre, like the current incentives from post-punk veterans Gang of Four.

To help in the production of its new album Content, Gang of Four is offering items such as: signed vinyls of the release ($98), raw concert footage ($150), a helicopter ride with the band to/from its Glastonbury set and London ($1,441), or the Ultimate Content Can. For only $69 the cans contain the CD, pieces of tile artwork, a book of drawings, a scratch and sniff booklet, plus a vial of blood from a band member. Originally  offering 500, Gang of Four hopefully had some orange juice and cookies laying around for all the blood it must have donated. To contribute to the production effort or just check out other offerings head here.

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