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Update: Is Arcade Fire collaborating with Spike Jonze?

on April 09, 2010, 2:22pm

Update: Jonze’s rep has confirmed to MTV that the two sides are indeed working on a short film together.

Earlier this week, rumors surfaced that Arcade Fire was in Austin, Texas collaborating with thee Spike Jonze. The root of the rumor appeared to come from filmmaker John Estrada, who sent several tweets conveying the idea that he was shooting videos with the band and Jonze in the Texas capital.

Yesterday, we reached out to Arcade Fire’s publicist, who quickly denied the rumor and noted the band was still in Canada working on its third LP. In fact, the publicist went on to explain that he had just seen the band this past weekend.

However, the movie website /film has their own official source who says differently. According to them, Jonze is working on a new short film with the band, which may involve late teen actors and the theme of “friends growing apart.” Adding to the story is the fact that the aforementioned Estrada has since protected his tweet, meaning no random blogs can now post what he’s doing.

So, what’s the deal? We wouldn’t be surprised if the whole “the band’s in Canada” might just be the official comment to keep the whole Arcade Fire Jonze collaboration on the down low. Or, maybe the band just jumped on a Red Eye. Either way, we do know Arcade Fire does have a history with Jonze and are gearing up for the release of its yet-to-be-titled third LP, which probably means some sort of music video/film will follow

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