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Radiohead news: Nigel Godrich scores, Phil Selway tours

on April 05, 2010, 2:45pm

At time point, we could basically post about Thom Yorke shaving his beard and you guys would go nuts. While we don’t find ourselves at that point just yet, it is certainly true that, despite nothing new to think of, the name Radiohead remains a prevalent force in our daily headlines.

Of course, most of it has to do with the reality that its members are actively engaged in a number of side-projects. For example, on the day that the band’s frontman, Thom Yorke, is scheduled to launch his U.S. tour with Atoms for Peace, two of his longtime compadres are making their own news for their respective upcoming projects.

As previously reported, longtime Radiohead producer and collaborator Nigel Godrich has been given the task of putting together the soundtrack for the upcoming film Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. At it turns out, however, Godrich’s participation won’t be limited to rounding up contributions from Beck (early preview here), Metric (early preview here), and Broken Social Scene. According to The Playlist, the U.K. native will also score the film “with a bevy of undisclosed musicians.” This is just getting more awesome by the day! We’ll of course update you when we learn more, but reports that the soundtrack is scheduled for release on August 13th. A nice post-Lollapalooza treat!

Radiohead drummer Phil Selway is also doing non-Radiohead things these days, as he is currently gearing up for the release of his very own solo album. Currently, Selway is offering Europe an early preview of what’s to come and, thanks to Prefix, we have a few live videos to share. Below, you can find clips of three new tracks, titled “Running Blind”, “Broken Promises”, and “The Witching Hour” respectively.

And of course, there’s always that threat of a new Radiohead album coming down the pipeline sometime this year. You know, because after Thom plays Coachella, he’ll be joined by the rest of the boys in L.A., where they’ll then finish up recording the effort. (That’s just my own wishful thinking/logical conclusion of course…)

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