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Record Store Day adds Beasties, Sonic Youth, Phoenix, & more

on April 06, 2010, 1:00pm

With the amount of news coverage CoS dedicates to Record Store Day, you’d think on-site coverage and a “Record Store Day Outlook” section were the next logical steps (view here, here, here, and here). And, while April 17th will hold treasures for both creepy, obsessive vinyl geeks and knowledgeable, well-balanced rock fans, the whole idea is a bittersweet tribute to a dying species; an event that the participants wished there was no need for in the first place. But rather than sit and mourn the fact that you live in one of the most populated regions of the county and still have to drive 45 minutes in L.A. traffic to find a decent record selection, why not enjoy the goodies some of your favorite bands have lined up?

Both Phoenix and Drive-By Truckers join the ranks of those releasing limited edition singles for the event. Phoenix will offer “Fences” from the it’s-still-gonna-be-great-after-the-backlash album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, with a remix of the cut as the B side. The 12″ will be pressed on pink vinyl and be limited to 3,500 copies. As for the Drive-By Truckers, they will offer two exclusive tracks, “Your Woman is a Living Thing”/”Just Maybe”, as a 7″ single.

Two groups that have been stocking record stores with product for longer than compact discs have been around, Beastie Boys and Sonic Youth, are also getting involved with releases that more than meet the criteria for being noteworthy. Sonic Youth’s offering is a version of their Hits Are For Squares (15 tracks selected by other artists) with an exclusive new Sonic Youth track, “Slow Revolution”. Each LP is individually numbered while Confusion is Sex and EVOL reissues on 12” white and pink vinyl respectively will be available early for RSD as well. Beastie Boys, well, they are not telling you what they got. It will be a white labeled vinyl with only 1,000 printed, but you’ll just have to check it out to find out what is on it. I hope it’s the new National album!

Lastly, a Fela Kuti release will debut 4 songs recorded in LA in 1969 on a 10” EP with replica cover artwork of first Nigerian Fela Kuti record. You know, if you’re not into Phoenix.

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