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Watch: Spoon w/ Bradford Cox “Makes Money” on Jimmy Kimmel Live

on April 16, 2010, 8:05am

Oh Spoon, you’re on fire. First it was a great album. Then you killed it on Letterman with “Got Nuffin'” and once more on Conan with “Written In Reverse”. Now, just hours before an appearance at this weekend’s Coachella Music Festival, you guys take it one step further, rounding up the likes of Deerhunter’s Bradford Cox and taking to Jimmy Kimmel Live for a performance of “Who Makes Your Money”. Seriously, Spoon may actually be the best thing about TV after 11 p.m. (after Coco, perhaps).

Unlike previous choices from their latest album, “Who Makes Your Money” doesn’t necessarily have that special something. Yes,  it’s a great track, but, say for a television performance, it lacks that on-your-feet, explosive nature of, say, “Written In Reverse”. Never fear, however, as Spoon managed to take a pretty level, dare we say monotonous song, and whip the crowd into a frenzy without ever increasing the decibel level.

Check out the performance below. Also, don’t forget about the band’s many festival appearances this summer.

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