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Can you remix two How To Destroy Angels tracks?

on May 24, 2010, 9:45am

Would somebody just go ahead and call Trent Reznor a communist? He gives away music, lets his fans remix NIN tracks, and now he’s unleashed this attack on the fabric of America.

After teasing the world with 30-second clips of what the group’s eponymous debut might bring, Reznor & Co. are giving away even more freebies for the general well-being of their fan community.

There have been reports (via TwentyFourBit) that the Reznor camp is now offering fans a chance to take control and remix two songs from his newest family project, How to Destroy Angels. By simply signing up on a website, anyone can download multitrack versions of “A Drowning” and “The Space in Between”, drop them into editing software (ie: GarageBand), and then try their hand at making a Trent Reznor song better than it already is. (Cough)

All of this begs the questions: How can he just give things away so easily? Doesn’t he want to make even more money? He may be certifiably crazy, so would someone at least put him on a terror watch list or something?

Instead of pondering the answers, just draw some inspiration from these videos and head over to the website to get started.

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