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Casey Affleck’s Joaquin Phoenix mockumentary looking for home

on May 10, 2010, 9:45am

The hoax that was at first bewildering, then funny, then confusing again, then apparently over with, and finally shrugged off and forgotten about is, as everyone has known for over a year now, on tape. Brother-in-law Casey Affleck captured MC Joaquin Phoenix‘s phony rap career and accompanying phony descent into insanity, and the mockumentary is now finished. And according to Prefix (via dlisted), the movie, accurately titled I’m Still Here: The Lost Year of Joaquin Phoenix, is already being sold to distributors.

Grandmaster Joaquin’s newest movie made its debut, according to Mike Fleming of Deadline, in a “private lunchtime screening at WME headquarters last week,” which played to potential buyers like Harvey Weinstein of Miramax.

He added, “WME is selling the film, and it may only take a couple of days to reach a deal. I hear the agency and the distributors intend to keep the mock’s content under wraps for as long as they can for maximum shock value.”

But some of the content has now been leaked, and it’s shocking to say the least. The Playlist reports that, even though we’ve all known it was a hoax for a long time, people at the screening left “more mystified by Phoenix’s behavior than when they walked in.” Which means anyone expecting to finally “get” what this was all about is going to be infuriated by the movie.

Among the events documented in the film is Phoenix’s infamous Late Show with David Letterman appearance, in which Lil Joaquin barely showed up. There’s obviously plenty of new stuff too, such as Phoenix trying to get Diddy to lay down some beats for his album, and forays into cocaine use, solicitation of call girls, and oral sex with his publicist. Oh, and there’s also full-frontal male nudity and live defecation, as well as a scene in which Ben Stiller approaches Phoenix with an offer to star in Noah Baumbach’s Greenberg, but, true to character (or new self), he turned the role down.

There’s no doubt Phoenix put as much into this hoax as Andy Kaufman did during his wrestling days — even his supposed return to acting for The Beautiful Cigar Girl is now off, so it looks like Big Daddy Phoenix is here to stay for a little longer. We’re calling it now — best mockumentary since This is Spinal Tap.

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