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Check Out: Ronnie James Dio’s posthumous release “Elektra”

on May 21, 2010, 1:40pm

With their music, a beloved rocker or pop icon can cement their legacy for all eternity. And with music on the Internet, that process gets kicked into overdrive. Case in point, less than two weeks after his death at age 67 from stomach cancer, Ronnie James Dio is still putting out music in the form of “Elektra”. You can’t keep a good metal lord down, indeed.

The song, which was slated to appear on Magica II and III, demonstrates that despite being almost 70, Dio still had it going on. Although, it seems as if the track was recorded before his diagnosis. Either way, “Elektra” is as big and sweeping as any other Dio track. Always a showman, Dio takes things to a whole new level. There’s a freshness and an excitement to the track. And while you can vaguely tell Dio is up in there in years, it gives the vocals a kind of story to them, a feeling of some noble metal statesman once more addressing his kingdom. Plus, if you can’t just rock out to Dio, you have no right listening to music.

More details on any other Dio releases if and when they come. For know, enjoy his last known recording below (via The Metal Den):

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