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John Frusciante and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez collaborate on free album

on May 03, 2010, 9:45am

It looks like the post Chili Pepper life is treating John Frusciante just fine. Between starting a new band and recording with Devo’s Alan Meyer, the 40-year-old guitar virtuoso has also found time to record (and give away) a new album with one-half of the Mars Volta.

Our friends at TwentyFourBit have reported that Omar Roriguez-Lopez and the twice ex-ed Chili Pepper have collaborated on a self-titled new album. Initial listens reveal that Omar Rodriguez Lopez & John Frusciante is a 29-minute sonic offering that will surely induce wet dreams for prog-rock fans across the Internets. Best of all, the album is free — sort of.

The seven-song set is being offered as an MP3 or FLAC download on Rodriguez-Lopez’s site with the option of donating “whatever you can spare” to the “Keep Music In Schools” program.

By giving away music, Frusciante is apparently making good on his “musical lesson” to RZA, while the better known half of the Mars Volta continues to blaze his spaced out path to progressive rock immortality. Hopefully this isn’t a one off project, but for now, here are the minimalist track names on the new album.

Omar Rodriguez Lopez & John Frusciante Tracklist:
01. 4:17 am
02. 0=2
03. LOE
04. ZIM
05. VTA
06. 0
07. 5:45 am

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