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M.I.A. responds to Lynn Hirschberg with new song

on May 30, 2010, 3:34pm

The ongoing feud between M.I.A. and Lynn Hirschberg is about as pointless as when the Fiery Furnaces called out Radiohead. So a controversial journalist wrote a controversial piece about a controversial musician. And even though probably 99.8% of the stuff written is accurate, Courtney Love’s new BFF is still po’ed.

Now, again, we really shouldn’t care, but M.I.A. did promise to publish her own “unedited” version of Hirchsberg’s piece this weekend. She has since sort-of-kind-of-not-really-at-all made good on her promise, posting two short audio excerpts from their interview — one demonstrating she didn’t order those now infamous truffle fries and one in which she explains that she didn’t use the situation in Sri Lanka to her advantage — as well as a brand new song dedicated to Hirchsberg. And when I say dedicated, I mean the song titled “I’m A Singer” “Haters” features the following lyrics (via NME):

“Why the hell would a journalist be thick as shit” and “You can talk shit to me I’m used to it / You make me hard with the wounds that I have to lick / You can pick on me and I can see it at a click.”

Hear the song below and check out the audio excerpts here. Now back to your regular scheduled and much more important Memorial Day Weekend activities.

Check Out:
“I’m A Singer”

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