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M.I.A. titles new album ///Y/, pushes back release

on May 11, 2010, 10:55am

It’s a give and take relationship with M.I.A., the sort of one where she plays her cards close to the vest, revealing new information about her forthcoming studio album only after we get bored with her new song. (Sorry, kids, I enjoyed “Born Free” as much as next person, but “XXXO” sounds like something Katy Perry would make.)

With that being said, M.I.A. has announced the title of her forthcoming third LP — ///Y/. Get it? No? ///Y/ is just a different way of writing Maya, which is of course M.I.A.’s real first name. (I wonder how many hours of experimental typing it took to come up with that one?). So we’re dealing with an eponymous type of deal.

Now for the bad news: M.I.A. has pushed back the release of ///Y/ by two weeks, meaning the effort is now due for release on July 13th (as opposed to June 29th) via her personal imprint N.E.E.T. Check out the previously tweeted tracklist below, as well as the aforementioned “XXXO”.

Check Out:

///Y/ Tracklist:
01. The Message
02. Born Free
03. Meds And Feds
04. Lovealot
05. Tequilla
07. It Is What It Is
08. XXXO
09. Tel Me Why
10. Story Told
11. Space

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