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mp3 Mixtape: Friday Mixtape CII

on May 07, 2010, 3:15pm

At least for us east coast peeps, it looks as if summer has officially arrived. The temperature is crackin’ 80, the humidity is already driving us nuts, and free shows are now a plenty. In other words, life is pretty good right now! But what’s the one thing that could make it even better? How about another edition of our now legendary — yes, legendary! — Friday Mixtape. As always, included below is a mix of the week’s best new singles, remixes, and covers along with mp3s from some up-and-comers you just might want to check out. A suggestion: Download ’em all, put ’em on your iPod, and go enjoy the sun outside! Yep, perfection.

NEW Singles:

Covers, Remixes, and all that JAZZ:

Something to CHECK OUT:

Hat tip to My Old Kentucky Blog, Pitchfork, &

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