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Prince almost performed at a GAYNGS concert

on May 17, 2010, 5:41pm

This past Friday, GAYNGS, aka the new Justin Vernon, Megafaun, and Solid Gold-featuring indie collective, made its live debut at Minneapolis’ First Avenue. Based on the videos below, it looked pretty epic. But it could have been even more epic if one of the attendees of the performance, one Prince Roger Nelson, had actually made it on stage.

As Gimmie Noise reports, for whatever reason, Prince brought his guitar to the First Avenue Friday night and was seen tuning off stage. We’ll let the Gimmie Noise take it from here:

“Now this is where the stories diverge: Some say that Prince was waiting to be introduced before taking the stage, and decided to leave when no one in Gayngs acknowledged him, while others say he said something to the effect of “Looks like they’ve got it under control.”

Either way, Prince did in fact show up for GAYNGS’s first ever concert, which certainly rivals Jay-Z’s appearance at a Grizzly Bear show for best ever indie concert attendee. Note the photographic evidence to your right (via LOL/OMG blog). Then, check out GAYNGS’ Prince-less performance below.

“No Sweat”

“Faded High”

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