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R.E.M. announces Fables of the Reconstruction reissue

on May 17, 2010, 3:03pm

Fables of the Reconstruction, R.E.M.‘s third studio album, celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. As you may have already realized, the Athens, Georgia based outfit tends to mark such occasions by reissuing the album in some sort of super deluxe package, and, come July 13th, Michael Stipe’s crew will do just that when they offer a double-disc re-release of the 1985 effort.

Though an official announcement is still forthcoming (via sue), an listing (third times a charm!) details the configurations of the reissue. Disc one will feature all 11 of the album’s original tracks digitial remastered. Disc two is a “complete run through of the album done in studio in Athens, before the band left for London for the actual recording sessions. These demos have never before been released and feature three additional tracks, not on the final album, including ‘Throw Those Trolls Away’,  a song the band has never released.”

What’s more, the album will be packaged in a lift top box and includes a poster and four postcards, as well as the CD booklet. You know, just in case all of the aforementioned wasn’t enough.

Fables Of The Reconstruction 25th Anniversary is scheduled for release on July 13th via EMI. Pre-orders are now ongoing.

Fables Of The Reconstruction 25th Anniversary Tracklist:
Disc 1: Original Album
01. “Feeling Gravitys Pull”
02. “Maps and Legends”
03. “Driver 8?
04. “Life and How to Live It”
05. “Old Man Kensey”
06. “Cant Get There from Here”
07. “Green Grow the Rushes”
08. “Kohoutek”
09. “Auctioneer (Another Engine)”
10. “Good Advices”
11. “Wendell Gee”

Disc 2: Demos
01. “Auctioneer (Another Engine)” (Demo)
02. “Bandwagon (Demo)”
03. “Cant Get There from Here” (Demo)
04. “Driver 8? (Demo)
05. “Feeling Gravitys Pull” (Demo)
06. “Good Advices” (Demo)
07. “Green Grow the Rushes” (Demo)
08. “Hyena (Demo)”
09. “Kohoutek (Demo)”
10. “Life and How to Live It” (Demo)
11. “Maps and Legends” (Demo)
12. “Old Man Kensey” (Demo)
13. “Throw These Trolls Away” (Demo)
14. “Wendell Gee” (Demo)

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