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Röyksopp’s followup to Junior out in August

on May 25, 2010, 4:43pm

Back in April,  Röyksopp was supposed to release Senior, the followup to last year’s stunner, Junior. Instead, we got little more than news of another collaboration with Swedish pop star Robyn. Which is pretty cool, and you can stream it below or download it here, but it’s not Senior.

The delay is bearable, however — Senior will be out in August. So, while you won’t be bumping it all summer, at least you’ll have something to think about non-stop for three months. Röyksopp published a letter of apology on its website this morning:

So… Regarding the release of Senior. As you correctly have noted, we promised you a release this April. We would like to start by apologizing for any false expectations this statement created. We love you, and we would never purposely misinform you. You see, instead of the release actually happening in April, a lot of other things happened.

Long story short, the toppling of the record industry finally rippled its way into our universe. As you all know, record companies have been having an “interesting” time lately, to say the least. Because of this, to ensure the best possible release scenario for Senior, we have gone through many changes on exactly who we’re releasing it with.

But now it’s all come together.

The album will be released at the end of August. And, even better, for those of you who live in places records are not released on time (and for everyone else too), we will also make the album available here on this website!

All in all, even though the extra wait is boring/ bad/ painful, this should be seen as good news. Senior is a very special release to us, and we would never release it without making sure it was in the best possible hands, when it comes to record companies and distribution. In a way, it’s almost fitting that it being a truly unique album, it would have a difficult start in life.

Best, Señor B + Señor B

Another consolation Señors B could have thrown in there is that Senior was always supposed to be the autumn album to Junior‘s spring. Who knows, maybe it’ll sound better in September than it would have in July.

Check Out:
Robyn ft. Röyksopp
– “None of Dem”

Röyksopp 2010 Tour Dates:
05/29 – Hässleholm, SE @ Siesta! Festival
07/08 – Novi Sad, RS @ Exit Festival
08/07 – Navodari, RO @ The Mission Dance Weekend
08/13 – Panenský Týnec, CZ @ Open Air Festival
08/14 – Pieš?any, SK @ Grape Festival
08/21 – Ã…lesund, NO @ Jugendfest

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