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Scorsese documentary features unheard George Harrison recordings

on May 21, 2010, 3:00pm

There must be something about being a great artist that requires you to hide material to keep people satisfied for years after your death. Which is remarkable, considering how much money they could get for this hidden material while they are alive. Well, the biggest rock band of all time somehow still has material out in the world that the public has yet to hear, but the best director in the world is bringing some of it to the light of day.

Martin Scorsese, who needs no introduction, has been working for some time on a documentary on the life of George Harrison, who also needs no introduction. While at Cannes, Scorsese revealed some details about the project that should have Beatles‘ fans frothing at the mouth. Harrison’s widow Olivia found old cassette recordings that the late musician made while in the Beatles, but whether they are demos of Beetles songs, originals or covers remains to be seen, err, heard. Harrison it seems was a bit of a pack-rat and saved everything, so there was a wealth of material from which to draw for the film. Basically, the film just earned your ticket money regardless of the quality. (via Hollywood Reporter via AV Club)

Living In A Material World: George Harrison is set to debut in 2011.

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