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Watch: Professional footage from Soundgarden reunion

on May 03, 2010, 11:00am

Court is now is session. In the landmark case of  ”LollapaloozaArcade Fire live v. Soundgarden live”, exhibit B has been presented to the jury supporting the defendant’s case. In their recent clandestine and pseudonymous show at the Shadowbox in Seattle,  Soundgarden just up’n rocked through an 18 song set of singles and back-catalog deep cuts. Previously, there was just exhibit A, an audio only bootleg stream of the concert. Now we have professional a/v evidence that Soundgarden may still have it going on: A crew was present at the Seattle show, and have given us a well-mixed live version of “Beyond The Wheel” (via ThePrp). Does he nail it? Watch it your damn self.

Please, Chris Cornel Esq., present your case-maker. Make this deliberation utterly difficult for me.

Who would you rather see at Lolla?

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