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Watch: The Black Keys “Tighten Up” on Letterman

on May 26, 2010, 8:15am

Universal truth: people hate being wrong. Worse then being wrong? Being wrong about something it is your job to be right about. That is why music writers stick so hard with their opinions on albums or bands, even if they later come to a different conclusion. But, occasionally, we eat crow and say we had a band, a record or a song wrong.

I’m beginning to think I had The Black Keys wrong. Seeing them last night on The Late Show pushed this thought further into knowing I had The Black Keys wrong. And you know what, it was 100% stubbornness and not at all to do with their records post-Rubber Factory. That record cemented them as crap for me and I was only so adamant because I lived with people who loved it and played it all the time. From then on they were dead to me, until I actually listened to their new album Brothers and liked it. A lot.

They brought “Tighten Up” to the national audience on Tuesday and the performance sounded great, though it was a little stiff. But, the guys have style. Not having ever seen what they looked like before, I was shocked at how Dan Auerbach looks like the child of Jason Lee and the sidekick dude from Avatar. Also notice how it takes the camera guy a minute to realize the other Black Key is the drummer, not the keyboardist. And Aurbach’s pedal board is huge, that’s why he has to make dance-like leg kicks to get stuff done. Love Letterman asking Patrick Carney if those are his drums. Enjoy.

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