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Watch: Vampire Weekend – “Holiday”

on May 27, 2010, 9:07am

When last we saw a new Vampire Weekend music video, it featured the New York indie rockers playing tennis with some high-profile friends. This time around, for the “Holiday” music video, the band choose to go the vintage route — as in, dressing up in 18th century garb. They then spend their day partying like rock stars, which consists of everything from eating cake and driving in a convertible to attending a pool party and ordering drive-thru.

In other words, it’s absurd and it’s silly, attributes which Vampire Weekend seem to be embracing more and more with each passing day. And while I’m sure you can find a deeper meaning (they feel out of place, their mocking current culture, etc.), the thing I most take out of the clip is that despite getting bigger and bigger with each passing day, Vampire Weekend isn’t taking itself too seriously. And that’s certainly refreshing to know.

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