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Watch: Big Boi – “General Patton”

on June 14, 2010, 3:40pm

This new Big Boi album is starting to sound really good. While it turned out “Lookin for Ya” was not to be on Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty, it was plenty of evidence the OutKast member has solid material up his sleeve. Now he has released another promising track, and this time it is from Sir Lucious Left Foot. Big Boi has put out a video for his latest single, “General Patton” (via Some Kind of Awesome!).

The video takes place primarily in a bowling alley called Suburban Lanes. It’s pretty much just Big Boi grandstanding with a crew of buddies dancing behind him, or perhaps a squadron (get it?). The song feels like an “I’m back” statement, Big Boi proclaiming, “One-half of the OutKast return like Ghost of Christmas Past” (whatever that means). The track features a spoken epilogue by Dungeon Family member Big Rube, who plainly explains the reasoning behind the song title: “Sir Lucious puts his left foot forward and rides off into the horizon with no regression. Victorious.” Aren’t we lucky Big Boi shares a surname with a badass World War II general instead of…let’s say General Petraeus?

The beginning of the video serves as another preview of the album, i.e. a clip from “Feel Me”, the LP’s opening intro track.

Watch the whole thing below, and you can pick up Sir Lucious Left Foot July 6th on Def Jam.

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