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BBC 6 Music may have found new life after audience outcry

on July 02, 2010, 12:25pm

While the story of NME Radio’s closure doesn’t seem to have a happy ending, the tale of its competitor, BBC 6 Music, may not be so gloom and doom. However, fans of the digital radio station shouldn’t exhale a sigh of relief quite yet.

Back in May, according to Spinner, 6 Music was slated to be cut, along with other BBC projects, in a massive cost-cutting budget overhaul by BBC’s administration. What followed were peaceful protests by fans and musicians alike to keep 6 Music off the chopping block. Now, according to Prefix Magazine, their efforts may have worked. In an article in the Times, those in charge were “overwhelmed” by the pleas and have decided to conduct more research into keeping 6 Music going. In fact, according to Spinner, the digital station went from 640,000 listeners to over 1 million due to the actions of its supporters.

The project’s long-term sustainability depends on a four-month report by Sir Michael Lyons, who heads the BBC Trust. While the report doesn’t have a release date yet, stay tuned for more details once it’s published. Until then, make your voice heard by actually using Facebook for something other than Farmville and join “Save BBC 6 Music” here.

Image support via Save BBC 6.

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