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Check Out: New Of Montreal track with Solange Knowles

on July 19, 2010, 3:00pm

Of Montreal’s False Priest doesn’t drop for two more months, but the new songs keep coming. We’ve already heard “Coqeut, Coqette” and “Hydra Fancies” and now “Sex Karma” gives us a third look just as frenetic as the first two (via Some Kind of Awesome). Solange Knowles (Beyoncé’s kid sis) joins in the fun this time, dropping classic OM come-ons like “You are my only luxury item / Anyone tries to steal you, I’ll fight ‘em.”

“Sex Karma” was originally written for Knowles’ own record, but Barnes decided to reclaim it. “I thought it would be cool if it appeared on her record,” he told Spin. “I sent it to her and for a while that was the plan. But I really liked it and changed my mind, and we decided to record it as a duet. Which works because the lyric ‘You look like a playground to me, player,’ is funny for a guy to sing.”

Yeah, because that makes much more sense for a girl to sing. Let’s be honest; Of Montreal’s never really been about “sense” though. “Sex Karma” delivers off-the-wall fun and raises expectations for False Priest that much higher. The album drops September 14th on Polyvinyl.

Update: Per request of label, stream removed. Press your luck elsewhere.

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