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Listen: Shroud Eater

on July 08, 2010, 2:15pm

Shroud Eater seems to be a strange name, doesn’t it? It makes it even stranger to know where the name came from, who the masterminds are behind the music, and what kind of music the group plays. The end product is a sight for sore eyes and ears (which is never a bad thing in metal), but the music will have the listener rocking out in no time at all. So here it goes; we will explain all in a backwards fashion.

This group under the CoS microscope is one from Miami, Florida, that plays a fascinatingly unique new blend of stoner rock and punk. All the grind and drone elements of such bands as Sleep and High on Fire exist here and are very apparent, but it’s the vocals that completely change this game. One woman, Jeannie Saiz, burdens herself with the vocal duties, but what you’ll quickly come to find out is that the word “burden” doesn’t even begin to describe the intensity of her voice found on the band’s first, self-titled EP. Knowing that a woman shouts like an old punk rocker over stoner metal that never lets up should relieve a lot of people; at least musicians are trying to change things up. After all, exciting vocals truly change a listening experience.

Besides the female lead, however, Shroud Eater consists of another female, this time on bass, and a male drummer to add some testosterone. The group found drummer Filipe Torres on Craigslist, but little did they know he’d beat the drums like a caveman. Not just any caveman. One cryogenically frozen in time, thawed out only to play an instrument in future times to impress the past. Yeah, he’s pretty good.

Now, the name is what makes this band stand out even more. What do you, the reader, think of when you hear the name Shroud Eater? Personally, I think of Dementors from Harry Potter… but I have a strong feeling that I’m all wrong. Any of you remember that old European vampire that got dug up about a year or two ago? Well as Saiz herself explains: “Before vampires were romanticized, they were believed to be a corpse which attacked and killed its prey from the grave – when suspected graves were excavated, they would find the corpse with a hole “eaten” through its burial shroud, and its mouth brimming with blood, hence the term.”

If the explanation of the chosen band name is any indication, this is one metal band that is surely gearing up to make a name for itself. With a chugging guitar and bass, heavy and hard-hitting drums, and a voice rarely seen or heard in metal, Shroud Eater is ready to kick ass and take names… or maybe melt faces and hack off limbs. Whatever their goal may be, this is one band that has major trails to blaze in the metal world.

We’ll let the music speak for itself, though.

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