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mp3 Mixtape: Friday Mixtape CXI

on July 09, 2010, 3:15pm

As a mighty heat wave continues to seize the nation, the last thing you probably want to do is scamper out into the hot sun and dance. However, this week’s particularly upbeat edition of Friday Mixtape is filled with the kind of toe-tappin’, finger wavin’ tunes that will make you want to boogie the night away. So what is one to do when the urge to dance is strong, but the heat prevents it? Get creative with your dancing locations. A neighbor’s air-conditioned home, the back of ice cream trucks, and the penguin exhibit at the zoo can all provide a chilly refuge for you to do the Soulja Boy. As always, included is a mix of the week’s best new singles, covers, and remixes, plus songs by up-and-comers you might want to check out. Just make sure to clear it with your neighbor before you go off and commandeer their AC-equipped funhouse.

NEW Singles:

Covers, Remixes, and all that JAZZ:

Something to CHECK OUT:

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