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Replacements reissue Don’t Tell a Soul LP

on July 12, 2010, 2:25pm

If you collect vinyl, odds are you’re probably aware of the rarities out there. You’ll keep a short list of album titles in your head, always to double check at any random record shop you come across. It’s the nature of the game. However, if you plan to go the “easy route”, you can always fork over some change for a reissue. That is, if they have one.

The Replacements only have two: Pleased to Meet Me and Tim. Until now.

Set for release on August 17th, The Replacements’ highly underrated sixth album, Don’t Tell a Soul, will sneak its way into your local record shop. Pressed on 180-gram audiophile vinyl by Original Recordings Group, the new reissue won’t have the extra goodies that the CD reissues held a few years back, but you’ll be glad to find the album intact, without any scratches, and preferably under $25 dollars. (I paid $56 for an original pressing of Let It Be! Gripes.) That’s quite the steal, especially for some of the Mats’ greatest tunes. *Ahem* “I’ll Be You”. *Ahem* Besides, it might make a good late summer gift, too. Who knows?

If you’re dead set on grabbing it, you can pre-order it via Amazon now.

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